Rebecca Kelly Ballet Performance - A Fine Line, and more

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Rebecca Kelly Ballet Performance - A Fine Line, and more
July 18, 2019

Rebecca Kelly Ballet, from New York City, presents a single performance at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.  The summer program includes A Fine Line of True Togetherness, Entanglement, and Rising Into Light.

Rebecca Kelly Ballet, producing a blend of movement that transports the audience, showcases the individuality of her beautiful dancers as they soar, sail, and spin through chamber works that explore topical issues and celebrate the natural world. “At ease in classical as well as contemporary styles...“reports The New York Times.  

Relationship is frequent theme in Kelly’s balletsA Fine Line of True Togetherness is a sleek and stylized movement piece.   In six sections the dance moves through lanky solos, a seamless duet, an intertwining trio suggestive of clockworks. In the finale, five dancers carve out architectural patterns with panache to a percussion mix score.  The quality of togetherness might hold just as true for a dance company, as a tech company or a team of athletes.  But there is a fine line as to what truly constitutes cohesion and smooth operations.  Rebecca always looks at human nature first, even as she considers the inner workings of a clock for a dance theme, or how to use the energy of dissonance to create harmony in A Fine Line.   This season includes Entanglement, described as “science in motion” last year, and the delicate, poignant trio "Rising into Light." set to a rippling piano score by Adrian Carr.