Tahawus presents: The OnStage Legacy, Part 1 - Ensemble Dances


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Tahawus presents: The OnStage Legacy, Part 1 - Ensemble Dances
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The Tahawus Center 14234 Main St Au Sable Forks New York 12912

Since 1989, the NYC-based Rebecca Kelly Ballet has produce the OnStage Performance Program for Youth. Kelly has presented her imaginative choreographic method for learning dance in a dynamic and progressive program that challenges the beginner to advanced student, ages 7-19 years.  Over the past 30 years, Kelly has created over 140 original dances for youth. Some students spent 12 summers in the program. Some students, now grown, brought their own young children to RKB's Kids Co-Motion program, and start the journey again.

This video is first in a series of the RKB Onstage Legacy Videos. The six works in this GROUP dances category were set on 12-30 students over 3 days, and performed at the end of a 2-week residency. At the conclusion of the Adirondack OS residency, students also presents a range of 5-7 other dances, created by Rebecca Kelly for small groups organized by age and ability, and beautifully staged by RKB's dancers.  We hope you will check back to see the rest of the OnStage Legacy, with examples of the Advanced Students' ballet etudes and modern dances, Beginner Level Dances, and contemporary and classical Warm Up Etudes.  It has been a beautiful journey...