Fermata Nowhere Special Event in Jay!

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Fermata Nowhere Special Event in Jay!
April 17, 2024

A cappella at the Amos & Julia Ward Theater

A special event featuring Fermata Nowhere, the award-winning A cappella group from Plattsburgh, is coming to the Amos and Julia Ward Theater in Jay on April 17 from 4-5:15 p.m. The co-educational A cappella ensemble from Stafford Middle School features students ranging from 6th-8th grade. 

About the group

Fermata Nowhere was founded in 2016. In the fall of 2018, Fermata Nowhere released their first album titled 'Shine', and in the Summer of 2022, Fermata Nowhere released their second album titled ‘Resilience’. Both albums can be purchased on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora. Last spring, Fermata Nowhere released its 7thMusic Video. Fermata Nowhere has conducted workshops under the award winning SUNY Potsdam Pointercounts, The University of Rochester’s Midnight Ramblers, and Pitch Perfect’s Deke Sharon. Fermata Nowhere has been featured on the Acavillenational a cappella radio station. Since 2019, the ensemble has competed in the International Championship of High School and were ranked in the top 12 (High School) groups in the Northeastern, US. Members of the ensemble have won individual awards for Outstanding Soloist and Outstanding Vocal Percussionists at the competitions.