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Upper Jay Art Center
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Charlie Millard Band
April 25, 2020
Upper Jay Art Center

Finding a Groove: The Charlie Millard Band

Now 21, the pianist, guitarist and songwriter from Alanson who performs regularly across northern Michigan, hosts a regular open-mic night in Petoskey and fronts indie-rock’s Charlie Millard Band.

Suffice to say, music has been the driving force in Millard’s life.

“Ray Charles, Greg Brown, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison are staples in the house along with a bit of blues,” said Millard, whose skills were honed with help from his guitar-playing father, two piano teachers – one from the classical side and the other steeped in jazz – and a diverse palette of musical influences.

"If you can imagine the offspring of Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Rufus Wainwright rolled into one, then you’d have an idea of what the Charlie Millard band is all about" - Chuck Marshall : Life In Michigan