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Ticonderoga Festival Guild Free Programs for Children Series
July 10, 2024July 17, 2024July 24, 2024July 31, 2024August 7, 2024August 14, 2024
Ticonderoga Knights of Columbus

Ticonderoga Festival Guild Free Programs for Children Series

Wednesdays at 10:15 AM - Ticonderoga Knights of Columbus Pavilion 

7/10 – Seagle Festival: Dragon’s Breath by Evan Mack and Josh McGure

This opera is about a young boy named Alan and how he learns to cope with anger.  He is overcome by a Dragon, he chases the Dragon into a magical realm called Clearplane.  There he meets Dewitt and Somi who offer advice on his difficulties.  Ultimately Alan must confront the Dragon on his own.  See how Alan discovers the Dranon’s true nature and Alan’s own power to cope with whatever life throw at him


7/17 – Kits Interactive Theater: Mother Nature

Mother Nature packs a powerful message with her depiction of the natural world. Combining ecology with mythology, Mother Nature and her friend, The Fairy Queen, teach the importance of preservation.  After being informed by the Fairy Queen that some "animal" is harming our ecosystems, Mother Nature heads off to [your town] to find the offending mammal.  Northeast habitats such as a pond, a forest and the sea shore are depicted using both indigenous animal and imaginary "fairy life".  Through stories, dance and improvisation, emphasis is placed on how humans impact various ecosystems and how conservation is our responsibility.


7/24 – Ron Cain: The Magic of Kindness

Join Ron Cain as he conjuries up “The Magic of Kindness."  Cain introduces children to his magical library, which serves as a portal to the world of books. Young people help him perform tricks inspired by characters in classic children’s stories like “Harry Potter,” “Peter Pan” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Young readers also learn how their favorites stories illustrate values like kindness, friendship, unity, and community.


7/31-  Tom Walsh: Farmer Tom’s Funny Songs and Stories from The Farm

Farmer Tom’s presentation is both entertaining and educational taking the listener on a fascinating journey to his child hood on the farm with his program: “Life on the Farm” with Farmer Tom Walsh. Within his unique and engaging program, involving Action and Silly Songs, Storytelling, Movement, Laughter, Learning, Sing-a-long, Props, Audience Participation and Hand Clapping, Farmer Tom Walsh educates by bringing a understanding of farm culture, safety, farm animals, value of fresh vegetables and cooperation through music and songs from down on the farm. We really get moving!


8/7- Uncharterd Wild: Reptile Show

This is Uncharted Wild’s standard, all-ages program. We bring along 7-8 (mostly scaly) animals for you to meet, learn some astonishing facts, and get up close and personal with them! Included are a variety of snakes, lizards, tortoise, and a cool invertebrate The show is capped off with one amazing finale animal, a large 7-8 foot snake!


8/14- Swing Peepers: Sweet Dreams and Night Skies

Enter the cozy nighttime world of faerie houses, the ‘big ole moon’, hibernation sleepovers, constellations, bedtime mixed-up nursery rhymes and other dreamy wildness with the Swing Peepers! This program treads winding moonlit paths through the mysteries and charms of the night. The usual Swing Peeper reverence for nature is at the core, with respectful messages about stars, animals and the forest. And, of course, it’s a celebration of singing, dancing and stories!